About Us

VS is a design practice led by partner architects Dionysis Vouis and Elina Sgouritsa. VS offer personalised design and construction services for visionary individuals. From brief development to construction management, VS undertake every stage of a project life cycle according to each client’s specific needs. Firm believers in the concept of synergy, they like to think of VS as a design practice that encourages knowledge sharing and nurtures interdisciplinary teamwork.


Dionysis Vouis was born in Athens, Greece in 1983.
He completed his BSc studies in architecture in the UK and he was awarded his MArch. from Bath University, UK in 2006.
After a long-term collaboration with Aris Zambikos he started his freelance career in 2012.

Elina Sgouritsa completed her BSc in Architectural studies and MArch (RIBA II) at the University of Bath, UK in 2003.
After an internship at Porphyrios Associates in London, she returned to Greece whereupon she worked for six years with architect Vasilis Bogakos, gaining valuable experience across a diverse range of projects.
In 2009 she set up her own practice in Athens, focusing on private commissions and architectural competitions.

Dionysis Vouis and Elina Sgouritsa co founded VS Architects in 2014.